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Discover 168幸运飞行艇168-幸运飞行艇体彩彩票正规官方在线娱乐+免费开奖查询官网平台 unparalleled efficiency and flexibility with 幸运飞行艇官方开奖's advanced 168飞艇计划 提前预测 and Virtual 最新开奖记录 历史开奖结果 开奖结果查询 Machine hosting, tailored for both individual and enterprise needs. Elevate your digital experience with our secure, scalable, and user-friendly virtual environments.

Dedicated Server

Our dedicated servers are built using the latest enterprise-grade hardware and configured by certified IT specialists, allowing us to provide you with fast, reliable, and secure dedicated servers.


$ 85.00 / MO

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Windows VPS

MonoVM's Windows VPS provides a powerful, user-friendly hosting environment. With enterprise-grade hardware, full root access, and high-speed connectivity, it offers optimal performance for diverse applications.


$ 16.99 / MO

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Linux VPS

Our Linux VPS offers a customizable, robust hosting solution. Built with top-tier hardware, it delivers high-speed performance, root access, and compatibility with multiple Linux distributions for versatile functionality.


$ 5.99 / MO

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RDP service ensures a seamless, secure remote desktop experience. Powered by robust hardware, it offers high-speed performance, optimal security, and compatibility with various operating systems for a versatile virtual workspace.


$ 14.99 / MO

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Buy Domain

Enter your desired domain name in the search bar. We offer endless possibilities for you to choose from.

Get the domain name of your dreams today, as it may be gone tomorrow.

  • .COM $ 12.46/Year
  • .NET $ 14.69/Year
  • .ORG $ 15.86/Year
  • .ONLINE $ 5.44/Year
  • .SITE $ 43.74/Year
  • .STORE $ 65.61/Year
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What we offer

Registering a domain with 幸运飞开艇开奖结果官网 comes with quite some noticeable advantages (they don't end there, though):

Instant Activation

Instant Activation

Now we are really fast in providing our services; as soon as the payment is confirmed, the domain will be activated instantaneously.

Free Webmail

Free Webmail

Get two professional email addresses for your business using our free email service upon purchase.

WHOIS protection

WHOIS protection

Want your personal information to be hidden from the public eye? No problem! Our privacy protection keeps your information private.

幸运168飞艇官方开奖历史记录 开奖号码记录查询 Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers with the latest 168飞艇直播开奖结果2024最新 Intel and Supermicro hardware, with full root and administration access, provide high power, extreme performance, and security. All possible, just a click away.


$ 85 USD / Month

幸运飞开艇168全天计划精准版24小时免费下载 开奖官网开奖预测 VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting & RDP services are based on a stable and powerful VMware ESXi hypervisor while keeping the storage under RAID 10 configuration with unlimited bandwidth just for you.


$ 6.99 USD / Month

幸运飞开艇开奖结果官网 FAQs

Here are the most common questions we get from our customers. Hence we elaborated our FAQ to ensure you find answers as quickly as possible.

幸运飞开艇开奖结果官网 is a popular web hosting provider known for its reliable and affordable services. We offer a comprehensive range of hosting solutions to cater to diverse requirements, ranging from shared hosting for small websites and blogs, to VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server hosting for larger, more complex projects. Additionally, we provide domain registration services, SSL certificates, and professional support for all our services. Our servers are located in multiple strategic locations worldwide, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility for your websites. Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise, 幸运飞开艇开奖结果官网 is committed to delivering top-tier web hosting solutions tailored to your needs.

A virtual machine (VM) is a software emulation of a physical computer. It runs an operating system and applications just like a physical computer, but it's partitioned within a physical server. VMs rely on hypervisor software to allocate physical resources like CPU, memory, and storage from the host computer to each VM.
Here is a schematic image of how virtual machines work:
Virtual Machine

VMs differ from physical servers in flexibility and resource allocation. While a physical server is limited by its hardware, a VM can be easily resized, migrated, or replicated with minimal physical constraints. VMs offer better resource utilization, scalability, and cost-efficiency than traditional physical servers.

VMs provide robust network access and security features. They can be configured to use virtual networks and firewalls, ensuring secure communication channels. Additionally, VMs can be isolated from each other, enhancing security and reducing the risk of cross-contamination in case of breaches.

Small businesses can benefit from VMs through cost savings, as they eliminate the need for multiple physical servers. VMs offer scalability to grow with the business, improved disaster recovery capabilities, and flexibility to test and deploy applications without substantial upfront investment.

幸运飞开艇开奖结果官网 provides dedicated server hosting in numerous locations globally to ensure optimal performance and reduce latency. As of the time of this response, we offer dedicated servers in several countries across different continents including North America, Europe, and Asia. Here are some specific locations: Please remember that availability can change, and it's recommended to check our website or contact our customer support for the most current information regarding dedicated server hosting locations.

At MonoVM, we aim to provide convenience to our customers in every aspect, including payments. We support a wide range of payment gateways to accommodate different preferences. Here are some of the payment methods we accept:
  • Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Also you can buy VPS with Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies []
  • Bank Transfer
  • Perfect money
Please note that available payment methods may vary based on your location and certain other factors. For the most accurate information, please visit our website or contact our customer support team.
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